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The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Dr. John E. Bell the Runner Up placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Runner Up placement in the songwriting competition.

Dating Again CD coverDating Again Album
To be released by late June 2013

The “Dating Again” album is for the grown and lovely people that want to meet, mingle, date and have fun enjoying life with great soulful grooving music. This album has it all with great step tunes and some nice grown folk club style swag grooves that will definitely add life to your next party or social event.  This great collection of songs are the Soundtrack to the highly anticipated New Independent film entitled, “The Internal Mist of Love” based on the book, “Do I fit the Color of the Rainbow?” by Dr. John E. Bell.  Dr. Bell is Executive Producer and is making his film debut in this film. The film is Directed by Memphis’s own Emmy Award Winning film director, Vincent Price.  Don’t miss out on this great neo-soul grown folk “Dating Again” album.

Songs on Album:

  1. Dating Again
  2. Lets make it all good
  3. Redlight District
  4. Man Looking for love
  5. Prohibited
  6. On My Mind
  7. Thats when its good
  8. Sunshine, Moonlight & Peace of Mind
  9. All I want
  10. God can heal a broken heart

Cost:  $9.99 (plus $4.50 shipping)

Special Occasion CD cover

Special Occassion Tribute from Soul to Soul

This album project is based on the sounds from my soul to yours. It is a reflection of what I was experiencing emotionally that captivated my mind and made me want to write an express myself to soul music. This has been a pleasurable event to sing about life and love. This musical contribution acknowledges all the unique gifts that people of all walks of life must endure to find that special someone. One thing even more special than that are the moments that music sets in our atmosphere that make life’s passion, love, kindness and excitement even more enjoyable.

Songs on Album:

  1. I Want To Be Close To You
  2. Good Thing
  3. Trying Not to Hurt Me By Not Hurting You
  4. Fracture From Love
  5. Faking It
  6. Soul to Soul
  7. Thinking About You
  8. Cold Feet
  9. You Groove Me
  10. Lord I Need a Little Help

Cost:  $9.99 (plus $4.50 shipping)

** Please note the following:  It will take between 2-5 business days to recieve the CD once purchased