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Dr. John E. Bell was born January 1, 1971 in Greensboro, N.C. and was raised there until 8 years old.  He later years of rearing were in Flint, Michigan where he was one of 4 siblings and his Mother.  Bell, was from a poor but hard working family, his Mother always made reference to education as the only way African-Americans can change their life circumstances and situations in life.   It was through her prayers/discipline and hard struggles that impacted Dr. Bell to pursue a better life and try to stay out of trouble as he grew up around challenging times and economic hardships.  Dr. Bell graduated from Beecher High school in Flint, Michigan in 1989.  Ironically, Dr. Bell was not a model academic student at all with many challenges in his life his grades were not very good but his faith determination and motivation to turn his life for the better was excellent.

It was in June 8, 1989 that Dr. Bell, then a young 18 year old John E. Bell joined the United States Navy.   It was the break that he needed to escape the economic and social disparity of life in economically depressed living standards for youth in Flint, Michigan at that time for a young determined John E. Bell.
The United States Navy instilled pride, courage economic stability and for the first time, hope in a young adult John E. Bell.   As a Sailor, John E. Bell sailed all over the world including places like: Phuket, Thailand:  Perth/Melbourne &Tasmania, Australia:  Rodman Naval base in Panama: Philippines Islands:  Bahrain:Dubai: SanFrancisco, CA: Los Angeles, CA: Seattle: Great Lakes, IL: San Diego,CA: Singapore: Tijuana, Mexico.

These great places were wonderful but the U.S. Navy also was John E. Bell’s introduction to war between nations as he found himself in 1991 stationed on the USS Arkansas CGN-41 in the Gulf War off the coast of Kuwait.  It was a scary time and a time that grew a young John E. Bell up really quickly to the challenges of politics and military life and duty to defend your country.  John E. Bell received a Southeast Asia Medal, National Defense Medal, Good Conduct Medal and a Captains citation recognition from Captain John T. Lyons of the USS Arkansas CGN-41. John E. Bell ended his tenure of active duty in 1993 to pursue his education and began his military career with the Naval Reserve in Columbia, S.C.  (Honorably Discharged in (1999).

It was this experience that made a young John E. Bell think about his career goals and reflect on his Mother’s reference of a good education and economic self empowerment.   John E. Bell looked up Colleges and selected Morris College in Sumter, S.C. This historically Black College accepted all the military classes and credit John E. Bell studied while on active duty in the military. It was here that John E. Bell would find his passion for education come to life and pursue his dreams of becoming a Doctor from a child.   John E. Bell met great professor like Dr. Radman Ali, who is the Chairman of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Morris College and he inspired John E. Bell to be what he always knew he could be.  A young John E. Bell graduated Magna Cum Laude from Morris College 1996 and won several scholarships including the United Negro College Fund Scholarships from Fisk University(1995) through a premedical summer program that changed John E. Bell’s entire life.  The following year(1996) Vanderbilt University would grant him a American Heart and Lung Institute Scholarship that world allow John E. Bell to meet Drs. Keith & Kevin Churchwell in Nashville, TN.   This summer program allowed him to meet twin brother African-American Physicians for the first time in John E. Bell’s entire life.   It was this interaction that inspired a young John E. Bell to become fixated on becoming a Physician and also to have great pride in the city of Nashville and the great state of Tennessee.

John E. Bell traveled over seas to Dominica and studied medicine at Ross University for a year from 1996-1997 and traveled to the Dominican Republic and studied at Unibe University from 1997-1998.  The wonderful friends and People of the Caribbean Islands were beautiful to me and took great care of me.  I highly valued my experience there.  John E. Bell, left the Island schools and taught high school at Northside high school for a year in Memphis, TN while he transitioned to medical school pursuits stateside in the career field that provided him with great passion and detail to keep people on their feet.  John E. Bell, met many Physicians in Memphis as he became a Medical Assistant and educator by day.  In 1998 John Bell met Dr. Nathan Lucas a very well known Podiatrist in Memphis and he allowed John E. Bell to see his practice of medicine and his ability to be a Surgeon and do procedures all in one.   John E. Bell was hooked and amazed at this profession and lifestyle of Podiatry.  In 1999 John E. Bell would enter the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and complete his journey of becoming Dr. John E. Bell in 2003.   Dr. Bell, had residency(2004) Surgical/primary care training in Aliquippa, PA and made great friends in Aliquippa Community Hospital with Dr. Teimarie who mentored him and taught him everything.  Dr. Bell was the first resident the hospital ever had in Podiatric residency he was the Chief resident.   Dr. Bell relocated to New York and did 2 years Surgery/Primary Care(2005-2006) training in Podiatry at the Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Center in Jamaica Queens New York/Brooklyn and Elmhurst.
Uopn completion of his residency training Dr. Bell returned to Memphis/Oakland,TN and opened his own practice in 2006 the Excelsior Podiatry Clinic PLLC but was charted in by license in 2005.  The doors officially opened in 2006 in Oakland, TN with an independent office space with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Lawrence Schrader.  It was Dr. John E. Bell’s first little office and I will always be thankful and grateful to Dr. Schrader and his wife for their generosity towards me.  Upon the opportunity presented to Dr. Bell from Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Brother Dr. Ron Davis, Dr. Bell completed his Masters Degree in Medical Health Service Administration(MHSA) at Strayer University in Memphis, TN in (2008).  Dr. Bell also became a part time Professor at Strayer University Shelby Oaks campus from 2008-2011.  Today, Dr. Bell is completely in his own practice space and has 5 office locations throughout the West, TN area.

Dr. Bell is currently divorced and has 1 daughter from his marriage.   Dr. John E. Bell’s music career started professionally in 2009 when I wrote the song, “Good Thing”.   I recorded it at Young Ave studios with Neal Jones producer/Engineer.  I also recorded Fracture from Love as I was watching my then marriage fall apart.  My books(4) and music came through the tragedy and heartache of the loss of my marriage and the family division of my child.   Music and the aid of writing my books were an outlet for me to express my emotional pain and frustration with my life at the time.   My first book, The fictional novel base on real life event came into being in (2009) Invasion of the Baby Daddy.  In (2010)  I had written and recorded my first songs Good thing, fracture from Love, Cold Feet and Soul to Soul at Young Ave studios.   In 2011, I wanted to expand further into music with where my life was with my marriage failing and the loss of experiences not raising my daughter, I met producer extraordinaire Keelyn Ellis that was working at Royal Studios in Memphis, TN.  It was where I met Boo & Archie Mitchell sons of the late great Willie Mitchell who built Royal studio and produced Soul Legend Al Green and many other artist right there in Memphis, TN.   It was with their help in 2011 that my first debut album was made at Royal Studio entitled,” Special Occasion Tribute from Soul to Soul.   That album has allowed me to travel and do concerts in Memphis at the Levett Schell Theatre June 25,2011 at the Ulimate Family Reunion concert with 103.5FM and at the Historical Daisy Theater on Beale street that same night (2011) and even Internationally in London, England at the Finsbury house of Live Music and in Amsterdam, Holland on the one man one Soul tour at the Muzicafe with other local artist.  The opportunity to meet so many people in Europe was amazing.  Today in 2012, I am ready to date and have fun.   My music is yet soulful and groovy as ever but high tempo with social content for love, passion and good times.  My current album project is entitled, “Dating Again”.  I want to date again and even find love again in my life so this album is what I am feeling at this time in my life.   No more drama, all my fears are behind me, my daughter is fine and my life could not be happier right now.   I feel God has taken me full circle to restore optimism, faith and passion to my life now.   I want to thank you for taking this journey with me through the biography of my life. God bless all my family, friends and fans that have blessed my life, truly I am better because of you.